Jewelry Cleaning

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Jewelry Cleaning

Maintaining that sparkle in your jewelry can sometimes be difficult as some jewelry settings can hinder your cleaning efforts, oils, grease and other materials stick to your diamonds or gemstones surface making it challenging to remove all the dirt grime that hind in the nukes and crannies of your favorite pieces.

There are many household cleaning methods including ammonia-based or ethyl alcohol-based solutions. There is also some solutions of mild grease dissolving detergent and warm water. However many of these treatments can be harsh and damage the structure of your pieces.

For example, some class rings are coated with a dark pigment, called antiquing, to darken their appearance. A lot of artisan sterling silver jewelry is oxidized to give it an intentionally rustic or industrial look and improper cleaning may remove that oxidation. Some gemstones, such as white topaz, have an overlay to produce certain colors. Ultrasonic cleaning can remove this coating, if it is not a quality piece. Ultrasonic cleaning is also contraindicated for opals, pearls and amber, and any other gemstone that is porous. Gemstones that are glued in (a common practice with semiprecious stones in non-precious methods and in class rings) should not be placed into an ultrasonic cleaner.

To prevent any damage to your favorite pieces and to get that sparkle back in your jewelry make sure your jewelry cleaning is done by professionals that can offer reliable and quality service like us.