Jewelry Repair

Our experts can handle just about any of your jewelry repair needs and repair jewelry of all types; including: sizings, retippings, chain soldering, stone setting, new mountings, watches and clocks, pearl stringing and so much more.

Jewelry Repair


No matter how well made the jewelry is, or how much it means to you, like it or not, the most meaningful pieces in your life will break and need repairing.

It is the story of life really, at times it can be your fault, or it could be due to a freak accident, or unfortunately as jewelry makers are human too they could have made an error while putting the piece together and it breaks due to manufactural defect.

Either way when those beautiful pieces break you want it fixed by a quality goldsmith, one that you can count on to restore it to new and have confidence that it will not need additional repairs in the future.

That quality is what you can expect with Peg’s Home Town Jewelers, hers years of experience has given her a well know reputation in her local area, just look at some of the reviews of her work:

I bought a ring at Zales and in two years I had lost the center heart diamond 3 times, yes Zales fixed it but didn’t fix the problem. I took the ring to Peg and she change the type of setting to a heart setting and I have had the ring for 12 more years and never had any problems. Thank you Peg. – Kate Hale

Peg is one of the most creative, conscientious and caring people I know. She has designed and created some fabulous jewelry over the years including Denise’s wedding ring! – Michael Wood

Peg is the BEST. Always happy with EVERYTHING she does. BEST service, BEST WORK. – Chuck Fales

Peg has always provided quality work for all the jewelry that I have taken in to her and I would highly recommend her for anything you need done! – Kari Nichelson

Honest Goldsmith, hardworking and several years of experience. Your jewelry will sparkle! – Connie Westbrook